Today Was a Very Good Day All Day

Another day has come and gone.  The idea of spring cleaning continues to happen in the apartment.  I have been working on it and not just contemplating or procrastinating now.  Last Wednesday not able to find the TV remote, I have one now — a universal remote that has been programmed.  Now I can shut the TV off for the first time in a long time.  I believe my parents from AR brought it last summer on their visit to Wisconsin.  I have to thank DKF’s husband SF for the remote because he’s the one who brought it over today when she came back at 5 PM for a while.

What happened on Monday has not been forgotten, but I am back to myself now.  As life in the Karnopp household continues, I have also attended the praying meeting on Zoom. It looks like opening the church buildings (Adventist) in our district in July.  While businesses begin to open up from being closed because of COVID-19, some companies are having difficulties financially to remain open.  Our mall has been significantly affected, and we have to abide by safety precautions to be six feet apart.  The idea of social distancing hasn’t bothered me for the past couple of years now anyway.  Germs, viruses, and bacteria give me the willies all the time now as well, and we still cannot find disinfected wipes and Lysol anywhere at this time.  Once a store gets an order in, it sells until it is out of stock!  I have been trying to get disinfected wipes and Lysol for the past two months now on my grocery list.  I picked up my groceries today and asked the worker when they will get cleaning supplies again, and they have been trying to order for a long time from their supplier, who happens to be running out of stock as well.

Oh my goodness gracious, life continues to move ahead with what we do not also have.  If the shortage of items is happening in Wisconsin, it is happening all over the United States and other countries.  May God help us replenish the supplies we need for cleaning in due time.  He’s the very One being who can get us all back on track when he’s ready to do so.  The COVID-19 pandemic was a wake-up call for us.   Now, many have not accepted that this was real or not, but something big happened in the United States and other countries.   It is no longer just about me now — or is it?

Now with prayer meeting done, my journaling is done for the night, I can say good night (Good night, everyone), and go to bed.  It’s going at 9 PM, and I am tired.  I practically fell asleep during the prayer meeting sermon, LOL

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