May 4, 2020

I will not argue how my day went.  With a little bit of wonder of how dialysis was going to go with my catheter, dialysis went very well.  I will write more about it in Life With Dialysis.  I know I have to share an update about last week as well.  I will not argue.  As far as my day goes, after dialysis, I came home and DKF did the dishes while I contemplated on projects that were going to be done for tomorrow.

I have started a new marathon of Roku channel programming with DKF.  Why not a mystery?  Why not Midsummer Murders?  Yes, that is what we are watching now when DKF is with me on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The program is one hour and forty-five minutes long.  We watched the first one and got into the second one today.  Now, as far as Midsummer Murders are concerned, we have traveled to England (virtually).  I love the accent of the actors/actresses.  I like Barnaby and Troy (character names).  We have twenty-one seasons to go through — 1997 – 2018!  It will be a while before we get done with watching this program.

Now, it is getting late, and I am getting sleepy.  Tomorrow is another day for being busy.  With my apartment shaping up in all the rooms except for the bathroom and bedroom to be organized, I am on a roll with spring cleaning.  Good night and God bless!

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