A New Day

I do have to admit that I have been swamped the past several days — spring cleaning. Summer starts June 20 – September 21, 2020, and I have been going through things I get can get rid of to sell, throw away, and keep. It has been a grueling three weeks for that, but I am doing it. My mood is a little off at times, but I do it for myself to keep my apartment neat and clutter-free. Bing Crosby, the Cat the has been a good sport about it even though I see a confused face on him during the cleaning process. No, we are not moving. Two closets have been done. I have a cardboard box to go through to get rid of — fire hazard. That’ll wait until Monday.

Today is Saturday, and DKF will be here at 7:30 AM. Bing is meowing up a storm this morning, and he won’t stop. When he does, it is only for a few minutes, and I will have to let him know he’s okay for him to stop. My patience is a little short this morning because I want to write/type out my entry for the morning before DKF gets here to help What the heck my care, get me dressed, and take me to dialysis. Yes, today is dialysis day. Dialysis weekend will be here once I am out of the building/in her vehicle after 1 PM or so — two beautiful days of dialysis-free days — Sunday and Monday. Yes, today is Saturday. Oops, I already said that, LOL

What are your plans for the rest of the weekend? My weekend is to get caught up on my devotions I have missed at YouVersion. Tomorrow, Sunday will be a good day to get caught up. After dialysis, depending on how it goes or not, I am tired and ready to rest. I do what I can do after dialysis. It has been wiping me out lately. I will be writing in my diary/journal, reading, and watching Aurora Teagarden Mysteries on HMM, worshiping with my boyfriend KB. His mom is on call this weekend for work. I want to do some research for my next spiritual blog, which will be determined by my strength after dialysis. Life in the Karnopp household continues, no matter what happens during the week.

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