June 24, 2020

Church Resumes

As we reach Wednesday evening here in Wisconsin, the sun has set for the night, and the bed is looming. I went to the prayer meeting on Zoom tonight at 7 PM. We have one more church service and prayer meeting left using Zoom because the first weekend of July, my church reopens with precautions. I will be doing dialysis Saturday mornings, so I will not be attending church services. I will continue to worship with my boyfriend KB and his Mom TB when I get home after treatment. I will miss worship on Zoom, but it is time to get back to normal in a safe way until further notice. I do not have medical clearance from my doctor to get back to getting my nails and hair polished up. As far as routine goes, these days, what’s happening today/right now, is our new normal. The Coronavirus is still rampant in parts of the United States. I’d rather play it safe until further notice anyway.

Just A Little Jabber

With this week, a new week, we are halfway through another week in 2020. Wherever/Whenever’ hump day’ came into play, I can understand the meaning behind this new phrase, LOL. Clever phrase. Anyway, after the Wednesday night prayer meeting, I can get some of my thoughts written/shared before going to sleep for the night. I have dialysis in the morning. Anyway, in bed, I have a little time to write. I think I am repeating myself in a way by saying the same thing in a different message. Grammarly always lets me know when there are similar sentences in my paragraphs. Grammarly is beneficial. I am writing while listening to HMM’s 8 PM movie Emma Fielding Mystery: More Bitter Than Death. It stars Courtney Thorne Smith as Professor Emma Fielding. I have been going to bed by 8 PM each night watching a movie where I fall asleep. Tonight I have my iWatch charging for the night, so I have to set my alarm for 6 AM on my iPad. I like to get up at 6 AM every weekday morning to have time with God, Bing Crosby, and time for myself because from 7 AM to 1 PM, I am with other people.

More Tomorrow

Tomorrow, when I have time, I will share about last week.

Good night everyone.

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