My Thoughts on Some Christmas All Year Long

Tonight I am having difficulty writing an entry. I do not know why. My mind has something that needs to be expressed before going to sleep. I need to release my mind of anxiousness. Sunset was at 8:29 PM. I have been watching ID all day. I have no idea why I like watching documentaries as much as I do. I watch them anyway. Tonight I have watched Evil Lives Here and American Monster, then a new show at 9 PM. I am watching AM while writing this entry. I’ve also watched Web of Lies and other documentaries. I was not in the mood to watch Christmas movies today. Hallmark Channel and HMM have been airing Christmas movies since October 2019. I will see what Christmas programming is in November after Thanksgiving until January 1st each year. That is how much Christmas I can handle. I want to cry from frustration tonight. I think it is a release from having a change from my routine. When it comes to the need to deal with change, I have to have time to digest it. I cannot have my routine changed abruptly. When change occurs suddenly, it upsets the flow of my routine that I am used to following. I know I’ve had a month to make arrangements.
I do not know. I am speculating and assuming. What makes me tense? Anything can make me anxious. I need to get to bed here soon. I am closing the shop now. Have a good night.

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