Minor Desktop Woes

With a little frustration at midnight and accidentally saying “damn it” because my computer fell to the floor and slid under the bed with the laptop still open.

I picked it up and saw that all my folders and documents had disappeared. Taking a half an hour to see if I could bring back the disappearing act on my desktop, I finally put the laptop down and chalked it up as an experience I will not be having again. I decided to take my experience one of those flukes that happen once in a lifetime since, in reality, I did not lose any documents, pictures, or saved files. That is because I have One Drive. Also, I have photos on my iPhone and laptop that can transfer from one place to another. I admit that the half-hour spent online researching how to recover desktop folders and documents had some emotional aftermath of fear and anxiety. Still, I choked on it for only a short time – the quickest I have ever experienced in moments of distress. I did not lose sleep over it, knowing that I have a clean slate – looks like new, and I can start over. I checked my recent files, folders, and documents and realized I did not lose them. Thank goodness for small favors, I guess. Now I have to go and head to dialysis as it is Thursday, and a dialysis day. I will worry about nothing more, or my catheter will be acting up.

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