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There are times I can be vocal, and the best way for me to be heard is to write it out. When I am voicing my thoughts and opinions, and on a rant, I can get tongue-tied and lose my train of thought or say things I do not mean. That’s my world. I like about me being vocal because I can be honest and will not back down or apologize for telling the truth. I shouldn’t be afraid to share my thoughts and opinions with Dear Diary. I want to say thank you to a diarist, and I hope she does not mention her diarist name —Yetzirah. I appreciate her comments when I need to vent, want to scream, and cry. Her words are encouraging and truthful. If she needed to tell me her opinion in a comment, I take it and see it as her thought and idea. I also love her diary when she writes about her gardening and her projects. I love reading about her endeavors. Her diary is read every time she writes.

Now I do not write in my diary every day like I used to. I do not have the time to do so these days with dialysis three times a week, and I have other projects that I need and want to do. My diary is one of my never-ending projects. I’m not too fond of it when I start a project and never finish it. I have a project I have to paint yet – a drawing I drew earlier this year, and I have watercolors now – pencils, tubes, and watercolor paint that my mom sent as a birthday present this summer. I believe this weekend is an excellent time to start my painting project.

I have a lot to say about the Coronavirus these days. I have to wear a mask outside my apartment because of my pre-existing condition being a transplant recipient, end-stage renal disease. I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday – the middle of the week.

I do what I need to do to remain healthy. Certain people and tenants don’t wear their masks when they are supposed to, and now the manager is on vacation. Yep, when the cat is gone, the mice will come out and play. Honestly, the tenants here at Burbank are not abiding by the rules.

Not everyone has a medical excuse, and doctors don’t give out medical reasons for not wearing masks. If doctors do give excuses for patients not to wear masks, it would be unwise. When my parents are here on Monday, they will be wearing masks while visiting because of my chances of getting sick. I, too, will be wearing a mask while they are here. My doctors WANT me to wear a covering, and yes, it is not easy. Sometimes it is hard to breathe because of the material of the cover.

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