Magic Kitty Time

It has been a rough couple of weeks here at home, but what’s happening now is very good. I had learned that Magic was not litter box trained yet when he came home to stay with patience and understanding. Yep, I had to teach him to use the litter box. How? Getting a smaller one and putting Yesterday’s News litter in it, and putting it in the living room underneath my desk. It did not take him long to learn. The litter box in the bathroom filled with half of the clumping litter I had used for Bing Crosby the Cat and half of the other is litter Yesterday’s News. He is NOW utilizing the litter box in the bathroom more than the one in the living room. This fur baby Momma has done something right. He has stopped peeing on the couch and carpet in the bedroom and living room. I am PROUD OF HIM, and I tell him that.

Magic is adjusting well now. The only problem we had was the litter box, but now that is not an issue. For the first two weeks, I slept in the living room to watch and give Magic reinforcements for doing the right thing because of the litter box training. When he began pooping in the litter box, I feel that my job as his Momma was working for both of us. I was NOT giving up on him. I have decided to retreat to my bedroom at night, but before I did, I had my carpets and furniture cleaned of any urine smells and former cat smell of Bing Crosby. Magic could be marking his territory by telling me that he could smell Bing. I never got mad at him. I did what was necessary to teach Magic that what he was doing was not acceptable behavior. As soon as I went to bed in my bedroom, I had a black kitty sleeping with me. Now we can allow Magic to speak about his life here. Don’t miss “Magic Speaks” in the future. He has wonderful stories to tell you.

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    1. Training Magic wasn’t bad. He practically learned in one day and night. Having Magic is wonderful. As Halloween approaches, I realize how lucky I am to have Magic. Training him is worth it.

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