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         Another has come, and it has been a long day. It has been a day of happiness, anxiety, and a little panic. I got my iPhone 12 Pro Max today from AT&T, and I love it! It has been two years since I had gotten a new phone, and my iPhone 8+ is just an iPod now. I have to get headphones for the 8+ and 12 Pro Max. In the meantime, I will wait. I have an iPad to listen to music on as well.

I have used Windows/Microsoft in the past, but I have used iOS/OS products in the past few years because practically everyone in my family uses iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. I also use iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer because they are not complicated. The only thing that I use Microsoft is MS Office on my MacBook Pro because it is easier to use than Mac’s Pages. I use Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on occasion when I do not have my MacBook Pro with me.

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