Good evening readers and diarists. How was your day? My day was pretty good. I did have some boredom, and I had fallen asleep for an hour or so. The nap did help enough that boredom disappeared. I am back in full swing once again. Yay.

DKF has been here and gone already. It is after 9 PM, and I am ready to go to bed for the night. I am getting tired. I have been sleeping in the living room at night lately. I am going to try to sleep in my bed tonight. I have been watching TV all day, reading a little bit, and giving Magic Kitty love when he wants it. Magic is such a wonderful cat. He is growing up fast, and I love him very much, even though his kitten behavior gets on my nerves. I do not regret saving him from the shelter, too.

I am going to say good night. Good night everyone. See you all tomorrow. With another good day ending, I am stifling a yawn as I write this. I am closing the shop now. Good night dear readers and friends.

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