Winter Is Here: Winter Storm Weather

I live in Janesville, Wisconsin. It is a city always busy with something, but since the Coronavirus hit the nation in March 2020, our city isn’t as active as before. Many businesses have closed temporarily or permanently. I do not get out every month to get my nails done right now. The last time I got my nails done professionally is March 2020. DKF takes time to do my nails right now. I buy nail colors, and she puts them on. Even though the pandemic the past year is a storm in itself, I want to talk about winter storm weather and not go too far or anywhere when it gets nasty outside. Today, even though it’s Friday, is a bad day. DKF could not make it this morning, and she had to take care of some business at home in the evening. No matter what, she will make up the hours she missed later in the week.

The weather has been nasty today. We ended up with a significant snowfall yesterday with the wind, and sleet, and ice. DKF didn’t make it (morning or evening) today to make up tomorrow from 5 AM to 8:15 AM when she comes. I am surprised that I am going to make it to dialysis in the morning for my treatment. I’ve already missed one day because of the weather. That was last Tuesday, January 29, 2021.

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    1. Yes, I am looking for better days every day if my day wasn’t its best. This cold weather isn’t even for the birds. I don’t want them freezing, too.

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