Good Morning with a Few Words

Good morning from Wisconsin – Janesville – at 5:30 AM. Today is dialysis day and the last treatment of the week, with Sunday and Monday off from treatment. I have plans this weekend. I will be seeing my boyfriend this afternoon to have worship hour and tomorrow for lunch. 

I wanted to order out last night, but I have plenty of food to eat. I thought about it and realized that tomorrow (Sunday) would be fun. With COVID out there, we will be eating what we order at my place.

Dawn will be here at 6 AM to help with my bath, get me dressed for the day, and take me to treatment. Once done with treatment, another company through MTM will pick me up and bring me back home. Then I will call TB and let her know I am home. I am doing my best to wake up. I am taking a nap at treatment today.

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