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A Broken Bowl – Correlle

I did my best at picking up a broken dish/bowl that was found this morning when I had awakened. When DKF came in to check on us, there were dish shards still all over in the bathroom and kitchen, so she retook the broom to sweep the rest up so we (Magic and I) would not get shards in our feet. After that, she left for the day and has informed me that she will not be coming on Sundays but will make sure that I have everything ready for taking care of Magic myself for one day. The bowl was found broken between 7:30 and 8 AM this morning. Now I wonder how it broke. Did Magic do it somehow, or did it break another way? I didn’t hear anything. Magic kitty is a bull in a China shop sometimes and mysterious at times as well.

A Glitch in the System?

Please bear with me at the moment. I have a lot on my mind now, but I cannot put words into it at the moment. I need to call the bank in the morning because something isn’t right and I want answers. I did my best not to panic, and I called my boyfriend’s mother to ask her about having lunch. Lunch still took place, and we ordered from Noodles and Company. I ordered steak stroganoff and potstickers. I never had potstickers before, and they were different and good. I will eat them again. I had a great time with my boyfriend and his mom here. It beats being alone on a day where I almost panicked about what I learned about the bank this morning. It was my turn to pay for lunch, and now I owe TB, my boyfriend’s mom, $40 to $45. It’s worth it!

The Rest of the Day – My Sunday

What else did I do today other than do my best at picking up shards of a broken dish bowl – Corelle – have lunch that almost didn’t happen – with my boyfriend KB and his mom TP/TB? After they left, I did not turn the TV on until 1 PM to see what was on Spectrum TV and found that Mystery 101 was on. I just listened to the movie while I decided to see what was happening on Facebook and watch a YouTube video – AGT/BGT. I saw Bianca Ryan, Connie Talbot, and other youngsters who grew up being musical and talented adults – famous for winning AGT/BGT. America’s Got Talent/Britain’s Got Talent was once on TV, and I didn’t know it existed.   I rarely wrote a thing until now. I also took a couple of hours to read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix too.

That is my Sunday, April 19, 2021. It was a laid-back sort of day, comfortable and pleasant. Now I am about ready for a new “workweek” to begin tomorrow – Monday – and continue to do my best in what I do, routine or not. It’s time for me to say good night now as it is almost 9 PM now. 

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