A Weekend of Solitude

I will not be alone this afternoon, nor am I going to be (possibly) alone tomorrow for a little while. I am also not alone because I have Magic kitty to keep me company. We share each other’s space sometimes. When we don’t share our space, Magic and I have our own space. I allow Magic to have his own space. Otherwise, I take my day on Sunday very seriously now that DKF doesn’t come over anymore. She calls or texts me to take my meds on time. I am very good at remembering most of the time even though I miss once in a while these days. The other day I missed taking my meds a couple of doses. I watch TV – Hulu, Netflix, and Peacock on my Roku and occasionally Spectrum TV. That depends on my mood and what I want to watch these days. I also do a lot of reading and napping. I get tired because of kidney disease and dialysis treatment, along with some aches that drive me crazy and are nagging me to what I call insanity. I can hear my neighbor above me sometimes. Otherwise, it is tranquil. I do not have complaints, even though I think my neighbor can be a little quieter at times. He cannot see and has a seeing-eye dog named Angus, who happens to be a good dog for him. He’s (Angus) is a black lab like the last dog he had. I like my neighbor, but I think he forgets that the walls are thin here. There is not enough insulation to cushion the noise. That’s what you sometimes get in an apartment building that is for low-income tenants.

DKF’s husband just called to ask me if I took my meds, and I gave him an update for today and Tuesday afternoon. Well, friends, I have to head out the door for treatment. I hope everyone has a good day and the rest of your weekend.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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