Blog or Diary? It’s Both at Times

 have been enjoying myself at DD, even though I have been super busy this week. It is the first time I have been here since the first of the month. I am excited to be back today. Friday is a lazy day to a point. DKF has the weekend off, and my new caregiver MAD — please do not laugh at her initials. MAD as her last name is Daniels and her name is M for Mary. I usually do not do names for good reason.

As I sit here, I have appreciated the new diary spot even though it is still Dear Diary. I am getting used to it. I am glad that SB has found a new place. The idea of not being able to get on for a few days was very frustrated until SB helped me with being locked out because I logged in incorrectly. Also, I have new readers, and it is a great pleasure to see them. I did get one commenter I had to put in the spam folder because of the content — sexual lines do not please me. Some people are very sick and have mental issues going on — possibly.

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As a diarist and blogger, please bear with me as I continue to upgrade my blog as time moves forward. Thank you.

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