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Google Chrome —

Google Chrome vs. Safari is what it is for now — two browsers I like. I have been using Google Chrome lately because, for some reason, Safari has an issue opening up DD. I do not prefer Google Chrome over Safari, and I won’t even begin to do that. Maybe WordPress has had a problem with Safari? Anyway… I have another browser I like.

Dialysis Update —

Dialysis is going smoothly. The catheter is behaving itself most of the time. I have a mapping for graft placement, but it might be a waste of time. God knows what He is doing and knows why. I was feeling pretty bad for a while when I lost the graft for good. I did ask questions about the graft, and it just clotted and clotted again hours later two weeks ago because the graft was done. The graft didn’t wear out; the material was just fine. That is why I am back on the catheter. I know a patient who lost his fistula a month and a half ago and is now using a catheter as well.

Please Understand —

I have no idea why I was feeling the way I was before my fifty-first birthday. I do not think it was a midlife crisis or anything, but my mind was in a “fear” mode. I thought I was going to die before my birthday. I was scared to death. Here I am, a week later, still. I am not ready to go. Why death came up in my head during the past three weeks is beyond me. My anxiety was a little too much to handle, even though I still smiled. I was scared, and I was frightened.

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