Let God Be in Control, Kristi!

A new dialysis week has come.  I always have doubts about the catheter, and this time, I will allow God to manage my care while I go with the flow.  Jesus has my back, even when I don’t expect it or see it.  Am I right?  “Now, take a deep breath, Kristi. You have been doing this for two years now.  The technicians and nurses know what they are doing.  So what that you have a catheter.  You are not the only one who has had a fistula or graft go down, get repaired, and stop working.  Be grateful for what you do have.

I believe my fears play in my life too much.  Yes, I am having changes in my life occurring right now, but these changes are reasonable.  The most significant change will happen soon enough, and that will be good.  I have to remember that I have control of some things in my life, but what I do not control is what God does, and He has his reasons.  I have to sit back and breathe and take deep breaths at times.  God is in control. 

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