August 28, 2021

Another day has come and gone.  My feelings about today have been mixed.  Dialysis went well, but it seemed to get home took a little longer this afternoon.  I had to wait for my ride for twenty minutes while waiting outside in the heat.  No, I was not complaining; I just wanted to get home more relaxed because of the air conditioning.  Also, I asked CB to help me with Magic when I got home because he loves to run into the hallway when the apartment door is opened.  I believe I have made the mistake of asking ng CB to help me because she was mad and telling me she cannot wait for me to move out.  O, once again, CB was upset and being loud about it.  I apologized to her for my lateness, and I got no apology from her.  Her anger did not please this time.  I wanted to lash out say something unkind, but I did not do it because Jesus would not if he was in my shoes.  CB still helped me with Magic despite her being mad, but I will not ask her for more favors.  I feel she owes me an apology, but I may not get it, and I won’t bring it up to her now.  I don’t need an apology, and when I move from here, I will have a new lease on life without her and other tenants h; Ias well,  I am about to wash my hands from my friends at Burbank Plaza Apartment Complex. I’m done with people here except for KR, the manager for now, but t will pray for them despite my feelings.

TB and KB came over to have worship with me.  We did Saturday, Sunday, and Monday lessons and then took the time to chat.  CB left after I introduced her to K, then JM arrived to visit for a while.  The four of us chatted for a while before K and T went for the day, and J stayed for a little bit before leaving herself.  She helped get my salad ready to eat.  It was delicious!  I got it from Festival Foods.  I watched TV for a while before retiring to my bedroom for the rest of the night.

I am going to say good night now and close up shop for the night. I’ve watched Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe for as long as I can tonight.  I will watch the rest of the movie in the morning.  I am tired and ready for bed.  Magic and I snuggled a bit, so I am all set for the night myself.  Good night and God bless.

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