The Beginning of My Evening/Have a Good Weekend

Hello and good evening—6 – 7 PM.  I have much to say tonight, but where to begin is my problem tonight.  Maybe I should just start writing and go from the beginning to the end.  Sabbath will begin at 6:49 PM, and I had worship over the phone with KB and TB at 5:30 PM, watched some Law and Order: Criminal Intent until a moment ago.  I was in the living room all morning and afternoon, then strolled to the bedroom around 4:30 PM for the night.  My body gets tired of sitting in the corner chair; my bottom gets sore, making sitting very uncomfortable, then I need to readjust my body to be comfortable that doesn’t last but only a minute or two.  My bed has memory foam on it, making the pressure points in my back and butt cheeks comfortable.  Lol on the fact that I said butt cheeks.  Am I becoming bold at my age?  Maybe.  Why?  I can now laugh at certain jokes or comments these days.  Hmmm?  On to better things before Sabbath begins.

The Move is a Week Away

At this time, by October 1, 2021, I will be at my new place with my Magic kitty.  I cannot believe that I have one more week left before the official move – out of Burbank Plaza.

Sabbath Has Begun

It is time for me to sign off for the night and come back at sundown tomorrow night when Sabbath ends.  Good night dear friends.

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