Happier These Days

Feels Like Home

I have to admit that I am happier now. My new place feels like a home now. We (my caregiver and I) finished unpacking last week: no more boxes, but one by the entrance/exit (apartment door). It’s tranquil here; the walls are not thin. I can sleep better here even though the south side of the building faces the main street, which happens to be named Main Street.  Kristi smiles.  When not cloudy or overcast, the sun shines into my apartment, making reflections from my Apple watch and my iPhone dance on the walls and ceiling. My kitty Magic watches those reflections and tries to grab them. He is so cute. His eyes see the reflections that move about slow or fast, and his head goes slow or fast along with whatever the reflections are doing. It is almost hilarious watching his fascination with moving objects, and once they disappear, he is meowing his “where did it go” meow and continues looking for it. I love my baby boy very much.

Dialysis Update 

Dialysis went well this last week. No more Cathflo right now. My catheter worked well straight Thursday and Saturday.  I got to the clinic before 9:15 AM yesterday, but VW’s company did not pick me up. My ride ended up going to the former address, getting lost, so MK (my caregiver) ended up taking me to the clinic with an understanding that my ride would be taking me home in the afternoon.  My back aches a little bit, but my apartment is only two doors away from the elevator on the third floor. I am calmer, which makes the catheter work well or better — mainly better than when I am anxious and tense.

After dialysis, my caregiver ended up picking me up because my ride ended up getting a new client, and he was not able to pick me up due to being half an hour away. It did not please me, but I am calm as a cucumber. I believe that my Lord and friend Jesus was holding my temper and feelings of dismay and anger back so I could breathe normally and think clearly. I wasn’t even mad, nor was I reacting when I should have been livid. I just called and left a voicemail with VW, and she texted me telling me she was sorry that things were what they were, she would be talking to her brother, and she was happy that I got to and from dialysis and to have a good weekend. Now, not being upset has shocked me. Did God have control? I do believe so.

A New TV Series (6) Episodes So Far

I found a new TV series on Peacock TV that has grabbed my attention. It is “One of Us is Lying.” It reminds me of a show called “Pretty Little Liars” because we talk about high school kids and their issues. It’s different than “Pretty Little Liars” because a teenager died in “One of Us is Lying,” and the girl in “Pretty Little Liars” went missing and was later found. Someone was taunting the girls to the point that the girls’ exposed their lives to the public and the authorities as suspects in the missing friend. In “One of Us is Lying,” a boy ends up going into shock because he is allergic to peanuts and later dies at the hospital. He was one of five students in detention on the first day of school. The other four students find themselves in a mystery along with suspects in the death of the boy. I will be watching this new series as new shows are added.

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