I haven’t been here for a while.  I know I do not need to explain why, but this is my diary/blog, and it is My Life in Words.  I moved a month ago, on October 1, 2021, to Garden Court in my city, and I love it here very much.  I am happier.  I haven’t felt depressed or anxious since I have been here.  I also believe that Magic kitty has settled in nicely.  I saw this with a cat toy in every room and the hallway.  It includes the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and of course the bedroom.  Seriously…my cat plays with toys…lol.

Being free of anxiety and depression helps the psychological part of me.  I still have a routine to follow except for Sundays, and tomorrow will be a lazy day of watching TV, reading, and of course, journaling.  It seems I have more time to write on the weekends in most cases now that I am busy with life in my new home.  Now, Garden Court is an apartment complex.  The difference between Burbank Plaza and Garden Court is that there are seven floors with 600 apartments, whereas Burbank has only three floors and 50 apartments.  There are handicapped assessable apartments here at Garden Court as well as Burbank Plaza.   I do not know if Garden Court has apartments called efficiency/smaller apartments like Burbank Plaza.  I am in a regular, corner apartment on the third floor, on the south side of the building where the sun shines in, and the idea of seeing my watch or iPhone dance on the walls or ceiling that drive my Magic kitty crazy in wanting to play with them, lol.  The weather has proven to be cloudy today, so the sunshine has been a little scarce the past couple of days.

Anyway, I have an apartment that feels like a home with a hallway.  I am still playing it safe and cautious about meeting new people.  I still wear my mask while out in public because of Covid.  I meet people as I go downstairs to wait for my ride for dialysis and when I come back home.  I do not feel uncomfortable about coming and going here.  Yes, I am picky who comes and goes in my apartment, but it is my space.  My home has everything I have kept from the other place.  I left my issues from the other place (Burbank Plaza) there without a hitch.  I am further away from DKF now as she was only fifteen minutes away then, and now she is out of my life entirely.  I love it here.  Again, I just brought her up this time to make a point that I will never hear from her again or care to hear from her.  I am calmer now.  I love it here at Garden Court, and I wish all the tenants the best at Burbank Plaza.  There are a few who I will keep in touch with, but my life is now separate from most of them.

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