A Mysterious Day and Thank You, Jesus

Today’s day was exciting—a surprise—a mystery that doesn’t need answers.  Yes, I have had one of those days.  I know God works in mysterious ways, and sometimes medicines can do strange things for good reasons.  It was one of those days.   I get to the hospital by 8:30 AM, register, and get to an outpatient room.  A tech comes in and talks to me, a nurse prepares me for my procedure and gets the IV in for antibiotics and whatever IR nurses and techs put in during the course—pain meds.  I am talking a mile a minute when someone is present but quiet as a mouse during my time alone.  At this point, I did not know the mystery was there.  I was doing my best at not worrying since I had this procedure done before.

I get into the procedure room with the techs, and the mystery deepens when M (female tech) starts pulling blood from the venous/blue side and the arterial/red side.  Hmmm?  A mystery, and no need to change the catheter, and the Cathflo that was in the arterial side must have been working hard on the clot Tony (male dialysis tech) could not budge. Ton is a trusted technician because he takes his job seriously.  I like him a lot.  His brother Tre works there as well as traveling technicians.

After 12:30 PM, I was discharged, and I went downstairs to the cafeteria to wait for my friend JM to get off work.  I saw Dr. A while waiting, and I told him what had happened.  He surmised that the Cathflo in the catheter was working on a clot.  I believe God also had a hand in my catheter working as well.

I got home with JM by 3 PM.  It made for a long day, but it was worth my day, and tomorrow I will go back to dialysis.

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