When it comes to family, I have prayed to have my brother in my life again.  I want a relationship with him and his wife again.  My health isn’t at its worst, but it’s time to reconnect.  I know God understands my needs and wants.  He knows of my fears in the past year and the ones I have presently, and no, it’s not my relationship with my brother and his wife.  I will share what my fears were last year another day.  I got a Christmas card from my brother and sister-in-law to emphasize family (I have been praying for communication) but didn’t get it until today.  I don’t get my mail every day – oops, lol.  I believe God has made it possible.  I will go from here and will be careful.

         I don’t think my dad knows me very well at times.  Some of the things he says to remind me not to do something or do too much of something make me feel hurt.  I wish I could say, “Hey, dad, please stop reminding me because it hurts.” but I can’t do that.  It is not always easy for me to get the words out verbally versus written.  I prefer writing over speaking when I am at a point I cannot talk.  Until then, I will pray and sit tight for my prayer to be answered.

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