Dialysis Update: January 4, 6, & 8, 2022

4 –

With the holiday over with now, I have to admit that I am glad that my treatment schedule is back on track on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings.  Treatment went well today.  Dr. A has okayed the idea of getting Cathflo after every treatment because the catheter acts sluggish.  In other words, my catheter ends up dealing with a clot or two, which hinders my treatment time.  I want to start the year out better than 2021, so I am game for how the treatment goes between me, Dr. A, and the staff at the dialysis clinic.

I deal with aches and pains regularly because of cerebral palsy and arthritis.  It is no fun, but I still live my life to the fullest in the medical realm of my life.  I am glad to move forward in my life, whether or not I am ready. 

6 –

Treatment went well today.  I relaxed and played my games on my phone, and before long, treatment was over, and I was out the door.

8 –

The weekend has come.  Treatment went smoothly.  My blood pressure was acceptable, and yes, it went up and down, and if it is low, I do not walk out of the clinic on steady feet.  Dialysis can kick my butt to the chair for a few hours before I can get up and move about my apartment, and it affects my muscles.

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I have a condition called cerebral palsy. I've been writing in a diary since I was 12 years old. That was when I got my first diary.

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