Excel Project Done 

With my morning well spent, the afternoon ending in about an hour and five minutes, I do have to admit (believe) I found a way to make my finances work in an Excel spreadsheet I created by using one of their templates and created two of my own additional documents I will see how it works in April. I did put mock information in my document to see how the document computed the way I needed it to. The template that I am using that MS Office 365 offers is a budget calculator, and I have decided to create a journal for all my expenses that range from rent, utilities, entertainment, etc… Then, out of fun, I created another document where I have income and expenses, and money left over. I believe have everything set up properly, and if I missed anything, it will be added without hesitation in my documents as well as the MS Excel template, and I just realized that I did forget something, lol. That will be added on in a few minutes. 

MS Office 365 

For the past few days, I have been using MS Office 365 online Microsoft Office. I will be paying $7 a month. I have found the programs Word and Excel very useful. I need to see about other MS Office apps. I will take time to write more about MS Office 365 another day. 

Thoughts At Sundown 

While I wait to explore MS Office 365, it is now nearing sundown. TB called, my boyfriend’s mom called, and we did today’s lesson together on the phone. KB was there of course. I am going to do some Bible devotional and reading, start winding down for the night as I have one more treatment this week at 9:15 AM. I will be writing more later if time does not escape me before I go to bed. 

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