March 29, 2022

With my caregiver oversleeping, I had called my friend JM to see if she could help me get dressed and out the door. It was not her fault, and I will see her tomorrow morning at 7 AM. After getting dressed, I got my brace and shoes on, and JM and I went downstairs by 7:50 AM, so she would be where she needed to be on time. I do not mind the idea of waiting longer downstairs for my ride to dialysis. I did not have a bath but managed without that this morning. 

When my ride came, I got to dialysis in a suitable time. I had to wait for a while to be called back to my chair, and that was fine. My technician started to prep my catheter to be put on the machine, but lines were not pulling anything. The clinic nurse had to administer Cathflo (an agent breaks up clots, God willing, of course), and before being hooked up, I had to wait an hour. I had two hours and fifteen minutes of dialysis. 

After dialysis, I got home, and upstairs within minutes to a kitty waiting patiently by the door ready for his kisses. I got in safely and without trouble. I had a snuggly kitty for a few minutes before I grabbed my lunch for the day. I made necessary calls and began watching Law and Order. 

I am sleeping out in the living room and tonight is the last night. I must start sleeping in bed in my bedroom no matter how uncomfortable it may be some nights. 

Today is my mom’s birthday. She is 78 years old. My transplanted kidney is doing what it is doing for the past three years; producing some urine, and that is why dialysis is happening. I can say that my kidney is still here, to some extent, after thirty-four years. The kidney was my mother’s until she donated it in 1988. I feel that my kidney had a great run.

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