A Lot to Say This Morning

A new day has begun. JP will be here between 9-9:30 AM, and I am holding my own at this point. I will need a Tylenol this morning when JP gets in and settled for the morning. I am watching Midsomer Murders starring John Nettles. I love this TV show a lot.

With the holidays between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and even New Years, I have to admit that it is not the best time to plan much. Yesterday, though, JP had some good plans for me. One of those plans is getting my bed in the bedroom aff again. Also, she thought it would be a good idea to get a second TV for me. I love that idea. I do not need another Roku Ultra. I just need Wi-Fi and I have that through Spectrum/Charter. She also wants me closer to the bathroom so I can get up when necessary in the night to go to the bathroom by myself. She has all these plans and ideas, and DH is out of town taking care of her father, and JP is not 100% thrilled about that at the moment. DH’s Dad was in the hospital for an overnight check of his heart as there are three valves going wonky in his heart. I feel bad for DH and her family. JP needs to understand that health comes first and she is the one who gets annoyed when I think she needs to be here when she is sick, too. NOT WHEN JP IS SICK IN BED SHE CANNOT BE WORKING OR she might get me sick with whatever she is sick with at the time of her illness. We have a lot of rows about things. Of course, in my right mind, I do not want her here when she is sick. This year and last month and the end of September, both JP and I were sick with sinus gunk and her illness was a little worse than mine and she was out of work for a week. My nose was stuffed up and my ears felt plugged. I had a normal cold with little coughing and JP had an illness that no doctor could determine. I felt for JP, but my feeling of her being here was first and foremost more important than anything in my not right mind. You get it.

Last night between 5 PM and 6 PM, I put my electronics aside to rest. I was tired and ready to take a break from reading and playing games fie the first time in a while. The idea worked great. I made sure all my games were caught up then waited until this morning to play bingo and do some journaling for the day—morning. It felt good not playing games and not to read. It is, most of the time, to put things down to relax and get a good night’s sleep or rest. I was having one of those days yesterday. I did no reading at dialysis.

Today, although it is Monday, I do not have to go to dialysis today. I will go tomorrow on Tuesday and leave here by 11:05 AM because Thursday is Thanksgiving Day and the clinic will be closed. My friend JM and I talked via text last night about me going to dialysis on Sunday and Tuesday this week when in reality the only day affected with the holiday is Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, and JM believes it should only affect Thursday patients only. Why switch all the patients’ schedules? I saw JM’s mind at work, but the doctors and nurses want to have their patients dialyzing three times a week to get the most of their blood cleaned. When you miss dialysis during the week, toxins and germs can get in the blood. If you miss one treatment a week, it will show that it is not effective down the road and dialysis will no longer help the patient. I get it.

Speaking of patients missing a treatment. There were patients who did not make it in. Of course, it is the patient’s choice not to get dialysis from one day to the next, but it is very important to do what is right for better health. I know that kidney disease causes deaths if not founded. I have had kidney disease twice in my lifetime from age 17 and now in my 59’s. It is sad indeed, but I will not play with what good health I face daily. My health is not 100%, but it is as good as it is going to be while dialysis takes me to a clinic three times a week today and has been for the past 5 years now since my second kidney disease flared up in my life. I have no plans for a second transplant because of the UW doctors in nephrology want all kidney candidates to have the Covid vaccinations, and I do not want the shoes. So, I am not going to be on the list for another kidney. This time around I would be getting a cadaver kidney. No one else can donate a kidney in my family. My mom gave me my first kidney, so she cannot give me another kidney. Her age is exempt from donating her other kidney anyway. She would do it again if it would save my life knowing my mom well enough. Keeping my kidney for 26 years and finding out that it was becoming diseased and keeping the disease from getting worse for another 3 years, I had my kidney for 31 years before being on dialysis machines for the second time. I had peritoneal dialysis the first time in 1987 to March 12, 1988. I chose hemodialysis the second time. That is a lot to remember these days. Done with my kidney rant of the day or even week. Tada, finished. More another day. Whew! That was a lot of information. Gotta go for now.

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