Today Has Not Been

100% the greatest I do have to admit. But at least it was peaceful and quiet for a change…the phone hardly ringing until later tonight. My sweetheart called me tonight – just a few minutes ago – and we talked for a few minutes. Until tomorrow. Gotta run now.

Plans Have Changed

Remember when I wrote about how disappointed I was because a high school buddy of mine canceled our plans together twice? Well…for March 12, 2001 plans have been canceled between me another friend for the morning and afternoon. I am not disappointed because this friend of mine works hard almost seven days a week and… Continue reading Plans Have Changed

I will tell more soon

About my kidney transplant thirteen years ago, I will tell later…Promise. Good bye for now. Not sure if I will have time to write tomorrow because my day is busy, but the story of my kidney transplant will take place this week sometime…I promise!

Looking Forward to Tomorrow

I am looking at my thirteenth year of kidney transplant already! Thirteen years ago on March 12th, I had a transplant. My mom donated the kidney I am now living on. Thirteen years? Yes, thirteen years.


After being gone from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., I was hoping today would be peaceful and not a whole lot being done today. I got that today…a peaceful day. The phone only rang once so far. I love it. Been relaxing most of the day today, watching television, and napping. Lazy is it today.… Continue reading Peaceful

Disappointment Again

I had plans to get together with the friend who could not get together with me the last minute on Wednesday. She told me that she could not get together tonight because both cars would not work. I was disappointed a little disgusted this time. I did not know what to think right away…was it… Continue reading Disappointment Again

Thanks for Comments

I know I have had some comments to my journal entries I have written so far, and I would like to thank the person(s) who have kindly complimented and made comments and notes. I really appreciate it greatly. Thank you very much.

My Day Today

Today was not a horrible day exactly…if any not at all a horrible day. The only thing that seemed a little out of line today was the weather. It has been beautiful in Wisconsin for the past few days and today I saw the sky spitting snow…(didn’t stick…YEAH).My plans yesterday with my high school buddy… Continue reading My Day Today