Please Understand the Best You Can, Please?

Now, let me talk about something I have read in a news article online for a moment, please?!    I know there are many bad people out there and everyone has their choice to be where they feel most comfortable.  I believe some religions have harsh, strange, and outrageous views, but I do not complain.  One thing I am not very fond of is honor killing among the Muslim faith.  I find that brutal when it happens here in the United States.  I do not agree with immigrants coming over here without a green card to work or establish a new life.  I care about the immigrants who do well in our country to show that that love our country but when a Muslim man rapes a 7-year-old girl and her teenager brother ends up killing him, I find that the judicial courts unforgiving.  I believe that the teenager should pay for his wrongdoing, but for 30 years?  That is where I feel the judicial system can be a little too harsh.  Now someone can probably understand that politics can be very hard to talk about because I have beliefs and others may have other beliefs…religion, too.  We are divided and our first President of the United States, George Washington, did not want this from the very start.