Chapter Four – My Abdomen

It was not long after I had a catheder put in my abdomen for nightly dialysis at home every night. It wasn’t even two after the catheder replacement I ended up getting a sore abdomen. I was bent over with pain and everything that buttoned was terribly sore. I felt awful…more with pain than feeling like I was needed to be above a toilet all day because I had the flu. I could not even button my pants. I was in pain which I never felt before. It was awful.

My step mom and I went up to Madison and ended up getting antibiotics for the pain, and the next day I felt better and wasn’t in so much pain, and I returned to school, and I could button my pants. But that first experience with pain wasn’t going to be my last believe me. The second time was even worse than the first time because I was struck with the pain so fast that I practically was bowled over and I could not support my choir by singing with them. I had to support them from another room away from the auditorium. I felt so bad and the pain was the least of my worries really. Being with my choir group was a big worry because I have had missed every concert they had already because I was ill. The second bout with my abdomen is really another chapter alone because it happened just weeks before my kidney transplant and I wasn’t on dialysis more than three months anyway.

Look forward to My Abdomen 2 in the future…when I get to it. Thanks!

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