Happy St. Patty’s Day

It is not yet after midnight in Wisconsin so it is still St. Patrick’s Day here. I would like to wish all my Dear Diary friends a Happy St. Patty’s Day even though it is late and it is time for bed. Hope everyone had a good day today. I did. I was gone all day long and did not get back home until before 4 p.m. and realized that my day has yet to be discovered at home. Had a cat here who was mad at me before I left for the day and she showed me her upsetting nature by being in attack mode scratching me on the left arm and hand. Boy…did that smart! It still does. It does look like I have been clawed on the hand arm…more so on the hand. You see, she has sharp teeth and yet her back claws…no claws in the front. When I adopted Emilee from the Humane Society almost ll years ago, I had gotten her fixed and declawed in time. Most apartments have that as a rule – have cat declawed and spayed/nutered.

Well…Happy St. Patty’s Day! Good bye til tomorrow.

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