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It has been a while since I wrote in my journal here, but it has been because of being busy. I have seven days left until my eye surgery, and I have been busy for a long time. I have not forgotten my journal here at all. Just getting prepared and ready for my eye surgery. Busy as always. Can’t explain it really. It has been hectic around here lately somewhat as well. I have dealt with another ear infection over a week ago and was nursing that until my eye surgery so everything is going crazy around here. Never thought I would catch a cold and an ear infection so close to my eye surgery, but now I am well again.

While I was away I do have to admit that I missed coming here on a regular basis. I have a feeling that my world is going to be busy – real busy until after the first week of June. As soon as June arrives, things will calm down or I have hopes they will. It has been very hectic around here that’s all.

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