The Pop

There is this one person I don’t really care for much because of his boisterous, loud, and attitude about this guy. Today he proved to me to be creep and a jerk because I went to open a bottle of pop (my pop) and I noticed that it was going to explode if I did not keep an eye on it and closed up the lid quickly. Good thing I was watching it because I think he shook up my pop just to be funny and I personally don’t like that kind of prank or joke. He chuckled at the idea that my pop was about to explode, giving away his dirty deed, and I gave him a look of disgust and distrust. I was kind of upset at his little prank. I wanted to, the bad side of me which no one sees, to clobber him to the ground, but I only thought that. I have never picked a fight anyone in my life or even had to stand up for myself in a fight thrown by someone else. I am not that time of person. I only think and don’t some things.

Well I am now home and cooling off and away from this creep, jerk – whatever you want to call him. LOL

I guess in a way I was having a slight off day too. I let a guys little dirty deed get to me.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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