Back in the Swing of Things

It feels like I have not written in my journal as often as I wish I could have in the past. I have been busy and doing other things and somewhat too tired to even log on the computer here to write. I don’t know if I am totally back in the swing of things just yet mentally but I do know that I am pretty close to it – I think. I did not have time to write in my journal the first week as much as I wanted to because on Monday I took a return trip by bus back to home from a weekend get away to the country visiting my Aunt Jackie. Monday night I got to feeling kind of ill and went to bed as early as I could – falling in and out of sleep during the night til I retreated to my bedroom late in the night til 8 a.m…feeling better by then, and one Tuesday I just did my own little thing, and Thursday I went to the eye doctor to get my new prescription for my glasses now that I have almost perfect vision in the right eye, and then I went shopping for food before it got real late. It has been one of those weeks…busy as usual. Starting Sunday I should be able to write in my journal on a regular basis. So today I am taking the time to write in my journal but it does not seem long enough. Oh well…that’s okay, isn’t it? Today is Friday, and it is, according to central time, it is still morning for another half hour.

I have a gal here working for me…cleaning my house that I can not do because of one arm being weaker than the other due to cerebral palsy. i can do the light scrubbing stuff but not the heavy stuff…scrubbing the floors, sweeping, and bathroom scrubbing. I can do the dusting, picking up, and light vacuuming. I am not really busy right now, but my girl is…FUN! What else is happening today is depending on things I guess. I am expecting someone to come today or next Monday or Tuesday to make sure my air conditioner is working properly…really not my air conditioner but the buildings. I did have my own AC at one time but I sold it because the new one was coming in. So…I am not really thrilled about it. Having to sit tight and wait is not my game…really!!

I hope to have a good weekend this weekend…no major plans. Next week, yes, though.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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