June 10

The sun is finally shining and it has been shining for the past couple of days. Now the weather is warm and the best place to be is in a cool place – in an air conditioned home or apartment. My weekend has been great…quiet and peaceful, and yet I got to do my things and what I did got done, too! Today, being Sunday, is my relaxing day and no one has called me really. I did get a couple of calls today but I did not answer the phone. I am not in the mood to talk to too many people today for some reason. Just wanting to be by myself somewhat and yet have only certain people in my life. Odd, huh? No, not to me. I do deal with things now and then and I have to be alone or have selected few people in my life. Just one of those things. I deal with anxiety a lot and this is one of those times that anxiety is trying to play in my life. I love it when it is peaceful.

Not much really happening today. Just relaxing and being me at home all day long. Tomorrow begins another work day/week for most of you and for me it is just another busy day…finding out what I need to do most first yet. Gotta go now. Not in the mood to write more that is too personal now.

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