We Need to Keep an Eye Out

From what I understand, Greyhound buslines lost a driver by being slashed in the throat by one of his passengers. The bus then crashed and people were killed and injured. They say it was another terrorist attack! Will it stop? No, probably not. It does not need to be in the air – it can be anywhere. It is horrible, whether or not it was a terrorist attack or not that happened. I remember my aunt telling me that it was a woman who did it – the killing of the bus driver. What was going on in this person’s head? What was this person thinking? Was it meant to be an attack or fear of something due to the recent terrorist attack? It makes me wonder if traveling by any vehicle is safe anymore…but I do have family who live in other states and in the northern part of Wisconsin. It’s horrible these tragedies. What’s next?

Author: ksmiley

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