A Busy Week!

I feel I am going to have a fairly busy week this week. I have things to do everyday this week that it is fun to keep busy so I don’t dwell any problems that could be faced in the long run. Today, a little beside myself, I decided to download the newest version of Internet Explorer and Outlook Express 6.0 for Windows 98. It took two hours to download, but as much fun I am having at 10 p.m. on a Monday night here, it was worth the time to wait and it was well spent. Because the new version is yet to be looked into when I am more awake in the day, I am still fairly new to the look. It is so much better compared to the version I did have on this computer of mine for about three years now. I recommend 6.0 to others if it works on their systems because it is different on every computer.

I have plans in the afternoon tomorrow with some friends and then Wednesday morning I have a doctor’s appointment to have my left foot looked at. I have a bunyan on my foot that needs to be removed or taken care of. I don’t think I soelled the word correctly so please forgive my spelling error if any. Then un the afternoon, my friend Mark and I are going to get together and spend some time and run a couple of needed errands. My friend got suspended from work for a couple of days and so he has some time to spare and spend with friends. He’s a little down right now and I don’t blame him one bit. From what I understand and have been told – which is his side only – the suspension from work shouldn’t have been his fault. Honestly, my friend is ready to leave that job and do something else more meaningful.

You’ve got to remember that it is yet Monday night here for me for another two hours according to manmade time and clocks, etc…

Thursday I have Bible study in my home and with the apartment as small as it is – one person or couple can live freely here without troubles, my home here gets kind of full very quickly and it can get cramped. We have a community room to sit in but because the Bible studies are more private, some of the tenants would have a problem with having Bible studies in the community room. Anyway, a Bible study session is more private, no matter the number of people, and it is better to conduct the session(s) in the apartment no matter how small or how tight quarters can get sometimes. Sometimes, when I am in the mood to have company over night, I find that sometimes my space is being shared with someone else and it is. When it comes to having my boyfriend Doug here, that’s a different story. I love him so much and we get along famously apart as well as together. We allow each other our space when we are even together and don’t and won’t live together.

I personally think that my week is a little action packed this time and that’s great. Rather be busy and away from the home and away from my computer whenever I can so the internet is not so addicting. I still find myself very addicted to the computer on some days depending on the mood I am in. There are times also that I find myself turning my computer on during the day and wanting to be on it but the time is spent short and sweet and then I want to be off for the entire day. I personally dislike those moods but I can not always stop myself from getting into them sometimes. I am only human.

I will try to write in my journal this week as often as I can – if any time is found while I am home.

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