Has My Week Calmed Down Yet?

I have to laugh because my week has not yet calmed down. I had my appointment on October 11 with my foot doctor and I do have a bunyan on my left foot by my big toe. Due to my pre-existing condition of kidney transplant of thirteen years, before the doctor wants to do anything, would like my doctor to make sure things are fine beforoe any surgery is put to date. I had bowling on Tuesday and a friend of mine visited me during lunch on Wednesday, and after my doctor’s appointment, my friend Mark took me to BTC (Blackhawk Technical College) to take care of some business so I can start school next semester in January. I want to go into accounting. All of a sudden I have a BIG fascination with numbers other than just memorizing them since was a pre-teen. I also have been up since eight o’clock this morning and it is now (really) 10:15 p.m. on Thursday night, October 11 where I live – a month after the terrible attack on America. Has my week calmed down yet? Well, sort of but not quite yet. I am still awake and soon to go to bed – tired and getting heavy eyelids. I have plenty of time to write in my journal later so I might as well go for now.

Bye for now…

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