Having One of Those Days

There are days I am fairly sensitive and one of those days is today. I dislike it so much being in a sensitive mood. I really do. There is so much to do in a day and everything I wanted to do today regarding the chores has been done and now over with for the day, and I still want to take the time to write – begin to write – stories and keep a personal journal of my very own to keep on a disk. Because half of the month of October has already come and is going away quickly, why bother writing a daily journal and keeping it on a disk for your personal shelf at home. ALmost odd, huh. Time just seems to go by so quickly today and I did not want to go anywhere outside the apartment building today so bowling was kind of left behind this week. With my Prozac, a medication for depression, these past couple of days have been nothing but kind of sleepy and tiring and I haven’t done anything to overexert myself or do anything that is tiring. That Prozac! It comes with the territory since I do feel much better emotionally again and there is nothing I can do to prevent sleepy days some days I guess. I can not wait until January when I will be going to college for the Spring semester and getting a start on my accounting degree. At least my life is not boring or tragically worrisome. I am too high spirited to have any thoughts run through my head that would cause any harm to someone or myself. I have things in life to look forward to and a bowl of cherries with some spoiled cherries come with the territory of life. Ijust look at my cat Emilee, who is a special part of my life, everytime I have one of those days of negativeness or thoughts for a constant reminder of what life is all about – making others or animals happy along with your own happiness.

Well – despite my kind of mood of a woman, the day is not too bad. I can not say I am bored because I am not bored. I have been outside – kind of chilly but nice. The sun is out and the wind is chilly but then again it is October and winter is not too far ahead of us. Winter is a whole different story and a different perspective with people/everyone, and winter is not friendly with me when it comes to ice and deep piles of snow! I wish, even though it can not happen, that there was only Spring, Summer, and fall seasons. This past February I fell on the ground with ice I could not see underneath me and I landed on my right side bruising my right hip pretty bad and not breaking any bones. That day, that fall is etched in my mind clear as day as if it only happened yesterday. It practically scares me to see winter come and stay for so long with the snow piles and ice and unshoveled walkways and sidewalks. Some peop;le don’t have the decency to shovel their walkways at times and it puts me in a frenzy that makes me want to take a shovel myself and do it for someone, but because of my physical condition called cerebrral palsy, I can not just up and do something that has a little risk. My balance is off enough already.

Yeah, just one of those days! Am I complaining or bickering too much? I have to run. Tomorrow…

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  1. Wow, you sound just like me—are you my unknown twin??? ROFL I’m not on Prozac right now, but have been on it 2x before. The older I get the more I dislike winter, I think when I get to be retirement age (someday…….) I’m gonna be one of those old people who migrates south for the winters, lol.

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