First Fire Drill Here…

I have been through fire drills before as a young girl during my elementary, middle, and high school days, but for some reason, it was a first time ever for the building I live in for the past four years now. Being a fire monitor for my end of the apartment on the third floor I failed already because of my neighbors got downstairs when it was time for us to go back in to have a talk with the fire safety officer. I felt awful but no one held it against me. That will never happen again, I tell you…believe me. It was embarrassing. When a real fire occurs, I am going to be more cautious…if I am in my right mind then…it was totally embarrassing I tell ya.

Well, anyway, despite the participation of a couple of people, we made it record time outdoors – 1 minute & 45 seconds. That was pretty good…except for the fact that my neighbor did not get outdoors.

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