Been Sick

This past Sunday I began to notice that I was not feeling very well. Sunday night was horrible. I had gotten a virus of some kind of cold and it made me sick to the point that I could not sleep well laying down or sitting up. Breathing was very difficult. I have felt misearable before when I had gotten sick before, but I never thought of the feeling like dying until I had gotten sick. It was awful. Thank goodness I am past the contageous part now and able to go on w/ my life as scheduled tomorrow, Thursday, but I am going to take it slow and easy for the next week since I am still kind of weak. This is what I had:

sore throat

stuffy nose

breathing diffiulties

achy muscles and joints

sleepless nights

sleepy days

I am on the mend now.

Author: ksmiley

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3 thoughts on “Been Sick”

  1. hi ksmiley,

    sorry to hear you’ve been unwell 🙁

    it’s a particularly nasty time of the year to be coming down with the flu, may you get better real soon



  2. Glad your on the mend. I too just got over the same thing. I just hate it when your nose is so stuffed up you can breathe thru it at all nor blow it, but yet the dumb thing is running slowly. LOL.

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