Maturity comes with Growing

I am a thirty-one year old woman who is maturing and growing and doing it fast. At least I think I am growing and maturing fast, anyway. It is kind of scary as well as a good thing. As I was growing up, I knew I was a little bit different from other people because of physical and emotional stature and I’ve learned to accept that as I was growing up in life. I’ve also learned, with my growth, that people need to have patience and understanding of my life, and a lot of people don’t have the time or care to understand me and my life in general. I am so grateful that I do have people who care and understand and are patient with me. For a thirty-one year old woman, I have found myself finally aging to my growth and maturity – age. Although I have some way to go yet, I have come pretty far, and I came from the bottom and I am working my way to the top of life. It is not easy for me being me. Get this…it is understood by myself how I do things and why. Life is a mystery sometimes and life is probably one thing that can not be solved. What do you think? God knows what our lives have in store and we know that we have the right to create our own destiny, but the destiny I have is to be in heaven with God forever and ever.

I am a religious woman, yes, but not the kind of woman who likes to force others into what I believe or wish to believe. I would like to encourage others about God and Lord but I don’t always go about it the right way. it’s not easy to share your faith with other people because you don’t know where they stand in beliefs and religion. We don’t always know if a person is an atheist or agnostic. I do know when it come to an atheist and you try to share your beliefs of the Lord to that person, it is very hard to convince or understand that person’s way of thinking. I have a step father who believes in science and the solutions to science and I am yet not sure if he believes there is a God out there watching over every move we make and knowing of all our thoughts in life. I have try so hard to understand where my step father comes from as far as religion is concerned but it is so hard to understand a man like my step father sometime I guess.

God created life and my life has been created and I walking that path right now and I do know I have to sometimes tread carefully my steps so I don’t walk into uncertainty and unbelief. Satan tries so hard to run my life and some days he does not succeed – although he tries very hard to dampen my spirits but my belief in God is so very strong. So very strong. Life is a mystery sometimes!!!

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