November 5

I really don’t know what to say today because lately I have been either not feeling well or busy. After last week’s episode with the flu/cold virus that has been hanging around the building I live in, I have been working on getting my life back on track physically even though I am still feeling kind of drained and not 100% physcially up to par. So many things, on top of being ill last week, has been happening so fast that I feel that blinking has been missed. lol

Even today I have experienced someone else’s attitude and I was not the only person who experienced an attitude. Even a couple of neighbors heard the attitude and this person’s father. Honestly, my heart felt like it was taken right out of my body and stomped on to nothingness even though what happened should not have affected me like so. I am a young woman who is kind hearted to other people and could not say a mean word even to act tough. I am one of the many people in this world who needs to not take things to heart and so personal and have a little bit of a tougher skin and a voice that needs to be heard sometimes. I can not be mean to anyone truly.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. sezrah says:

    you have a good heart

    i hope you get up to 100% capacity real soon

    God bless


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