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I have been enjoying my time here as a diarist – whether my journal entries are boring or not. At the same time, I have enjoyed reading other diarist’s entries. I am glad to know those people through their words in their journals. I think that Jamisinc, vinyl, Avalonelf, and anyone I forgot to write down here, write well and their feelings and thoughts are set forth and out. I believe, with the help of one of my friend’s at DD, that friend has tapped into my inner beauty, my DD pages are now mine! It does not sem so boring anymore here, at my journal. My journal now has life in it whether I write a boring or not boring journal entry. As I read other journals, which i find worth going back to, I see and feel what the person is feeling or thinking. Sharing your thoughts in a public place is sometimes hard for me to do but I am feeling a little more secure daily. I net for many of the diarist’s, those I don’t know even, find it hard to share something that might be very personal. I have to give those people credit where it is due. Keep up the good work everyone here at DD!! I am proud of all of you!!!

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As a diarist and blogger, please bear with me as I continue to upgrade my blog as time moves forward. Thank you.

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  1. *~KSmiley~*

    Wow, thanx!!! I am glad that I too have gotten to know you. Weither your entries were boring, which I have never read a boring entry of yours, is wonderful. You are a spirited person, with a wonderful heart. I have learned a lot from you. I want to say thanx for reading my entries, and following along with my life and helping me out sometimes!!

    I hope your tummy gets better and that you feel better soon. I hope nothing serious is wrong, because that would be bad… Get well soon!!


  2. I have never found your entries boring and enjoy reading them. The one thing about DD is that no one knows our true identity (unless we have shared this with our family or friends). To be able to write down whatever thoughts or feelings you may have, I believe is a very good release.

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