A Farewell to Bruce

I had gotten a call about 1 a.m. on the ninth of Januaryy surrogate Mom telling me her brother Bruce had died of a heart attack about 5 p.m. on the 8th of January. Today, Jauary 11th was the funeral for all his family and friends. It as a sad day for Bruce’s living family but yet a joy because he was going to suffer with the cancer that was invading his body, but he did not die from the cancer itself. My heart is sad even thouigh I did not know Bruce all that much. I know him only for a short while but have heard some real neat stories of his childhood and life through his sister – my surrogate Mom and other members I know fairly well. Going to the funeral this afternoon wad yjr best thing Icould have done for myself and more so for my friend, my surrogate Mom but i cried my eyes out to the words that were being said about Bruce through tributes and sermon. Bruce’s daughter said a very beautiful ttibute about her memories of her father Bruce that the tears welled up in my eyes. The words were so beautiful that they were a reminder of how I look at my dad who is very much alive yet. My friend, who was sitting with me, let me put my head on her shoulder fr comfort and she held onto my shoulder for support. My heart just ached.

Farewell to a loving, kind man, Bruce Riley…evertone loves him dearly.

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