What a Day

I have to admit that today was lazy!! I felt cold on the inside out and it is still going on! My stomach is churning like it is hungry but I dare eat anything…YUCK! I had a popcickle and now my stomach is grumbling even more so. My “tummy” is not happy I think…do i have a bug of some kind? I hope not!! At least I don’t have a tempature or anything serious at this known time. I know i am not having kidney trouble anyway. i still have energy and stamina to go on in my day. I can not say that I was lazy all day long. I did clean my bedroom after someone came and bought my old computer desk. After the desk was sold and taken out of my place, honestly, I had a mess!! LOL…got it cleaned up to the most part that is liveable. I also did my dishes and cleaned up a little bit.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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