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Today was definitely a full day all day long. From 10:30 a.m. to about 1 p.m., I had company in and out. I think that made my cat Emilee very upset because when her appointment with her veternarian was definitely a stressful time for her. You see, I have the vet come to my home for all her needs and appointments because Emilee has a temperment that is very independent and she will fight until she draws blood sometimes…LOL Having the vet comoe to my home, this way she is in her element and in the comfort of her home and it is safe to run away and hide fro the world at her free will after her appointment is over. She does not like, which I don’t either truly, the smells of other animals in the veternary office exam rooms. Also, Emilee’s tempement is very independent and UNIQUE! It was so strang to hear Emilee huff and hiss and try very hard to get away from who she thought was her assailant and the bad guy in the BIG black hat. My heart just broke to see her escape more then twice from the vet’s grasps, even under the towel. I told you she was a fighter. I thought that maybe she thought I was a “bad” mommy to her and I was wanting her to suffer through agony. It was time for her yearly examination and yearly shots, and for the past two years, before this appointment today, Emilee never had a problem with the vet until the needle came out then she fussed. I guess, with having five people in our home stressed her out and she fussed and gave her words a more emphass of dislike and fear. After the shots were given and the doctdor left, Emilee was in the bedroom shaking like a leaf in the wind, and her heart was beating very quickly, and she was panting-like from all the excitement that just happened around her. Too many people where in ou home at the same time and it was just too much for mer, and I have no problem with her showing her dislike abouot this Thursday afternoon. I do have to admit that we (Emilee and I) are now being mother/daughter again and she is her ol’ independent self once again. I think she has forgiven me. After all, I did put her through a trial today and she does not like that many people invading our space at one time. What;s hers is mine, what’s mine is hers. I am also glad to report that her overall health is doing well for a cat who is soon to be twelve years o;d this summer.

With all that has happened today, I was so glad to give Emilee some space, I took a friend out to lunch for her birthday which was Tuesday January 15th. I had come home to a happy cat once again – as if nothing happened all day long. I was forgiven!!! YES!

Well it is midnight here now, and it is time for me to go to bed! I have a very important appointment tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.. Good night and God bless!

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