A Break In Time

I have finally found a break in time. It may not be a lot as I wish to have at the moment, but that’s okay…I can always write in my journal again later tonight when I get a chance. Last night – all night since I got home from school, I could not keep my eyes open after 7 p.m. and kept falling asleep. FALLING ASLEEP! I could not have afforded that because I had a test to study for – Business Law! I think I did fine on the test at least but I don’t know until Monday morning when I go to class again. I don’t have any classes until Monday now even though I am going to be here all day tomorrow studying and getting some work done.

Well, I’m still at school here – my day is ended as far as school is concerned – waiting for my person (my ride) to arrive and take me home. I have a neighbor who lives in the neighborhood who comes to the same college I do and he is willing to bring me to school at the same time. I just have to wait for him and that is not a problem since I don’t drive and don’t have a car.

Now my break in time is almost ending for the time being so I will return later tonight if I am able to do so.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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