The Beak Up …

The title “The Break Up” tells like it is. My boyfriend and I broke up the other evening. We remain good friends like we ewre before we started dating in July 2000. We have broke up under a mutual understanding. Both uf us were noticing that our loving relationship as girlfriend/boyfriend was starting to part its way as we both parted pur ways. Yes, we began parting ways weeks ago and it was very hard for me to to show more love to my boyfriend because I could not give anymore than what I already gave him. Also, as I began school in January, my life became very busy and time was parting our ways. He had his plans on the weekends and I had my plans on the weekends – different from each other. My now ex-boyfriend and I can still love each other as friends do. I am not upset about the “break up” because my ex-boyfriend and I remain the best of friends. Doo you find that strange? I don’t…

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