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I learned the other day that my friend’s car insurance does not cover passengers! She can no longer drove anyone around to and from pace to place. She has had this car for over a year now and she was just told by her family that she does not have insurance for any of passengers in case something goes wrong or an accident kills a passenger. The person’s family who was killed in a car accident in her car could turn around and sue the driver, my friend,for everyhing she has if they want to because her insurance does not cver passengers!! The reason her family worries about their Mom, my friend, driving other people around under no insurance for the passenger is because her two boys have their names on the insurance papers. Now I can understand the soituation but it does sound a little awkward to me when it is on my mind like right now. I do understand the situation, yes, but for some reason my concern is what will happen to my friend if she needs someone to go with her to and from places like the doctor – especially if she does not feel real good. I do know that things as far as transportation goes, my transportation needs to change. I have other resources to find now. What does this seem to you?

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